Engineering Services

BSE has design and development Engineering Products


Rev Eng / Inspection

BSE offers wide array of reverse engineering assignments


Manufacturing Support

BSE offers mold & tool making, subsequent component manufacturing, packing &delivery


Expertise & Capabilities

Engineering Team expertise, CAD/CAM/CAE Tools Expertise


Manufacturing Support Services

BSE offers mold and tool making and subsequent component manufacturing, packing and delivery. BSE has successfully completed many tool making and component manufacturing projects. Our tie-ups with manufacturing organizations provide us technical know-how to deliver manufacturing support services, including managing procurement issues for manufacturing services for our clients and prototype building for research.

We blend our manufacturing industry experience with our competence in contemporary engineering software to deliver:

  • Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Tooling / Bridge Tooling
  • Sheet Metal Press Tool Design
  • Plastic Injection Mold design
  • Casting pattern Design
  • Machining and non machining Jigs & Fixtures
  • Assembly, Inspection and Testing Fixtures
  • Special purpose machines and LCA
  • CNC Code Generation Services
  • Global resource sourcing - Procurement

The Tool Design is made from the original component model by giving desired shrinkages for the tools. The parametric relationships are maintained between the component model and the tool design where a change in a part is automatically propagated on the tools. This allows our customers the flexibility of implementing a last minute change on the component, without compromising on the delivery time. Supporting mold components such as slides, inserts, lifters and cooling lines, gates, runner systems are also created on the mold components and the final design is completed by assembling the mold components in the desired mold bases. (FUTABA, DME, HASCO and others).

BSE offers the following services to foundry industry

  • Casting Patterns - Wooden/ Aluminum /Cast Iron /Gun Metal
  • Sand Casting
  • Shell Molding
  • Machine Molding (Match Plate Pattern)
  • Lost wax casting (High precision casting)
  • Non Ferrous Alloys (Aluminum, Zinc etc)
  • Gravity Casting
  • One-time solutions like Prototyping and Resin Modeling

We closely work with your designers to optimize the part function, tool productivity, and increasing tool life. We deliver the tool assembly as per customer requirement.