Engineering Services

BSE has design and development Engineering Products


Rev Eng / Inspection

BSE offers wide array of reverse engineering assignments


Manufacturing Support

BSE offers mold & tool making, subsequent component manufacturing, packing &delivery


Expertise & Capabilities

Engineering Team expertise, CAD/CAM/CAE Tools Expertise


Reverse Engineering / Inspection Services

BSE offers wide array of reverse engineering assignments from simple profile to most complex one for our clients. Both contact (CMM/ Faro Arm) and non-contact methods (White Light Scanner/ Laser Scanner) are used to best suit the cost & application requirements of our Customers.

A Customer's part, mould, die or template is physically scanned to capture and model the piece. This data is manipulated according to the customer's needs. The process is often used to keep the same shape but change original dimensions. (i.e., mirroring, scaling, inverting). We use the best scanning methods as suited for your tasks and some of the typical applications are:


  • Quality Control Inspection of production parts
  • First Article Inspection
  • Tool and Die Verification
  • Industrial Design: capture design studies into CAD database
  • 3D Measurement

BSE can provide comprehensive analysis of feature locations and deviations from a CAD model on complex real world parts/tool/die.

Reverse Engineering

  • Reverse Engineering: create CAD legacy data from master parts
  • Create CAD files from previously handmade models, tools and dies
  • Develop multiple size changes from a single model, thereby eliminating expensive.CAD redesign
  • 3-D shape capture for Computer Aided Engineering Analysis
  • Electrode manufacture from sample parts, molds or models
  • Developing new tools and dies from existing, undocumented, moulds and dies
  • CNC coding services
  • Prototype model resizing

BSE scanning solutions is highly effective at producing the dense, clean data from complex machined parts that is required for the reverse engineering of a CAD-compatible surface. BSE can reverse engineer range of shapes & surface finishes -- complex parts, shiny and freshly machined parts, mixed surfaces, and contoured shapes. BSE can provide complete services under one roof apart from reverse engineering of the products, we help in the manufacturing of the component including jigs and fixture design or completely take care of manufacturing of the product.